About Us

Travis Taylor

  Travis has been in the fitness industry in one way or another Most of his life. At the age of 16 he was working part time at his mother’s physiotherapy clinic as a physio aid, learning the importance of safe practices and injury prevention. Being an athlete most of his early life he faced struggles at the age of 21 when his father died leading him on a path that resulted in a 277lb, unfit body. This prompted him to look into personal training and become his own first client. Since that time he has been a mountain bike instructor, group fitness leader and personal trainer.  Travis has worked with former and future Olympians, professional athletes, weekend warriors and people who have never set foot in a gym, ranging from small children to senior citizens. He has been injured, had surgeries, been overweight and been a sponsored athlete. Travis understands that the physical war is often fought through emotional battles and is always happy to help people realize their potential.   Travis believes that true health is gained by balancing the heart, body and mind and would love to do what he can to help you achieve that.  

Jen Rudy


Jennifer started working in the fitness industry in 2007 while pursuing a degree in Sport, Health & Physical Education at Vancouver Island University, where she mentored under prominent leaders in the fitness industry. 

  Since then she has been helping clients accomplish everything from 100lb weight loss journeys, hitting that Squat PR, and helping return injured clients to pain-free deadlifting. 

In her spare time you'll find her training for fitness competitions, hanging out with her super cool dog, and doing yoga. 

Our bootcampers

Our bootcampers are the number 1 reason that you will feel at home when you join our team.  We have every age range from children to seniors.  We have athletes and people who are dipping their toes in the waters of fitness for the first time.  Our team of participants has become a family.  If you need to be challenged they will push you, if you need to be encouraged they will cheer for you.  Our members are the heart and soul of what we did and we're all excited to add you to our family.